Pendant Price in Pakistan 2023
A pendant is a piece of jewelry, typically a small ornament suspended from a necklace, chain, or bracelet. Pendants are also often made of glass, plastic, wood, and other materials. They are not to be confused with lockets which have an opening lid and are generally larger than pendants.

A pendant traditionally hangs by a small, but strong, chain (known as the bail) which attaches the pendant to clothing. The use of a pendant is to be worn on the neck for decoration or to hold items like medals. At Jewel Studio, its different varieties are available with different qualities and our prices are also comparatively lesser than others in Karachi.

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Pendants are most commonly worn close to the heart. It is a piece of jewelry that hangs down from around your neck. It can be any shape but they're most often circular or oval-shaped with an opening on one end that is closed by a loop or hinged ring called a bail on one end. The pendant can be made of different materials such as silver and can be made with precious and semi-precious stones. It can be simple or complex. The most common form is a roundel with the image of an object in relief on either side, but styles vary enormously. Some common qualities of a pendant include: being as symbolic as it is attractive, being easy to wear as it hangs from a necklace or bracelet. It is a small ornament that hangs from the neck, waist, or arms. It is usually made of metal and stones like pearl, crystal, etc. There are different types of pendants that are worn for different purposes. Pendants are generally ornamental and may contain a variety of materials including gemstones, wood, bone, metal, and plastics. These are worn around the neck, on a finger, or on a bracelet. They are often seen as good luck charms.

Maintenance of Pendant

The jewelry is usually made of silver, or platinum. These metals are not affected by the environment and won't change their color over time. The pendant's size is important. It should be proportional to the length of the chain so that it can be worn without restriction. The size should also be proportionate to your neck so that it doesn't hang too low or too high on your chest. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on the pendant, you can always buy it at Jewel Studio. Some pendants may be open in the front, revealing their contents like a locket, while others might only show the surface decoration such as an engraving or painting. The back can also be made out of metal, glass, plastic, but more often than not it will be closed off with a clasp or hook on one side to attach it to either end of the necklace. If you want to know about maintaining a pendant, Clean it regularly with a soft cloth and dry it thoroughly after. Do not use too much soap, as it will remove the natural oils from the jewelry. Avoid using any sort of chemicals on your pendant.

Pendant Price in Karachi Pakistan 2023

The price and style of the pendant can be a deciding factor in choosing one. Whether it's an expensive diamond pendant or a simple silver-plated one, every person has different needs and budgets. When buying a pendant, we need to keep in mind that we don't want to buy something that we won't wear long term. This is why it's important to decide on the budget and the style before starting your search. If you're unsure about what you want, do some research on different types of designs and styles or visit Jewel Studio for proper guidance.

Silver Locket & Pendant Price in Pakistan Updated November2023

Latest Designs Of Silver Locket & Pendant Price in Pakistan 2023 Price Available
Titanic Pendant with Pearl string and White Gold Plated. (925 Silver) 10,200.00 Yes
Heart shape Ayatulkursi Pendant with Chain 21k Gold plated. (925 Silver) 5,610.00 Yes
ALLAH Pendant with Chain 21k Gold Plated. (925 Silver) 5,100.00 Yes
Pendant Chain with Pink Zircons. (Replica Jewellery) 3,230.00 Yes
Gold Plated Allah Pendant with Premium Quality zircons. (925 Silver) 14,025.00 Yes