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Bracelet Design

A bracelet is basically an accessory that is usually worn on the wrist. Bracelets can serve various purposes, for instance, being worn as ornamental pieces. Also when worn as ornaments, they can have an instrumental role to hold trinkets, like charms. But whatever their use is, a bracelet adds beauty and elegance to the wearer's outfit.

Beautify Yourself with Bracelet

Bracelets are one of the most common accessories for women of all ages. They have been around for centuries and as such, there is a wide variety of designs and styles from which to choose. Some examples of these bracelets are crystal bracelets, silver bracelets, simple chain bracelets, fancy silver bracelets, and many others. These bracelets come in many different sizes and shapes. Some examples of these are dangle, flat, box, beaded, multi-chain, and many more. Some examples of bracelets are simple, heavy, fancy, and simple chain bracelets. A simple chain bracelet with an end that is simple in its make and design can symbolize beauty and simplicity. Fancy silver chain braceletS that is heavy in make and design can symbolize wealth and success. A fancy, heavy chain bracelet can represent longevity, abundance, love, and many others.

Silver Bracelet 2023

A silver bracelet is one of the most enchanting accessories because it completes your overall look. Because of their splendid look and appealing designs, many individuals prefer to wear silver bracelets at their wedding ceremonies. Silver bracelets come in a variety of stunning designs and are an ideal gift for loved ones on any special occasion such as a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. Jewel Studio has an excellent collection of these lovely accessory to enhance the beauty and elegance of your accessories. These bracelets are considered auspicious because of their gleaming splendor. No matter what age you are, wearing silver will enhance your beauty and charm. A silver bracelet is frequently seen on young girls. No matter where you are, silver jewelry always looks elegant and beautiful on you. Silver accessories not only make you appear beautiful, but they also add in the development of a positive mental attitude. Silver bracelets are more than just an accessory; they become the center of attention. Silver jewelry set with beautiful stones is the ideal companion. As a result, a silver bracelet, together with other silver accessories, will simply enhance your stunning appearance and charm, captivating everyone.

Designs and Styles of Bracelet

If you wish to flaunt your stunning style with a matching bracelet, visit Jewel Studio to choose from a wide collection of exclusive designs and styles of bracelets. At their shop, you can find bracelets of all kinds such as trendy ankle bracelets, fancy toe bands, fancy wristwatches, fashionable earrings, funky necklaces, funky bracelets, funky headbands, and much more. Our exclusive collection is made of 100% authentic pieces of jewelry. Feel classy and elegant wearing our unique and exclusive accessories at any party, social gathering, festival, or other special occasions with your dear one or family. The bracelet design is considered one of the most popular jewelry items used in combination with formal dresses and costumes. There are various designs available for you to choose and these bracelets are designed in different shapes, sizes, and colors. The price of such fashion accessories is also quite affordable, making them accessible to everyone. You can also get exotic bracelet designs in Pakistan easily through Our website. Jewel Studio offer their collections of accessories. You can browse their catalogs and select a particular design that suits your taste and preference. They are also offering fancy and unique designs that are Swarovski, cubic zirconium, sterling silver, and other precious and semi-precious stones and metals. You can also create your own designs using silver, or beads. Visit Jewel Studio to get these designs and make you look stylish and charming at any function or event.

Types of Bracelet

There are several different types of bracelets available for the customers to select from in this day and age that can be worn around the wrists, like a bangle bracelet, a chain bracelet, a charm bracelet, an ankle bracelet, a full bracelet, a twisted bracelet, a fur band, a beaded bracelet, a gemstone bracelet, a sterling silver bracelet and many more. Each of them has its own particular characteristic that sets them apart from each other. These different kinds of bracelets are worn by people of all age groups, ranging from youngsters to the old aged people and there is something for everyone out there. Cuffs Bracelets are designed in the form of chains that have the cuffs with the ends fastened together at the front or the back of the wrist. This type of bracelet is also very popular among the young generation who wants to look hip and trendy. Link chain bracelets are also known as turn-lock bracelets because they do not allow the bracelet to slip through the turns. Multi-stone bracelets are made up of three precious stones that are linked together in a particular pattern to form a very beautiful necklace. Bangle bracelets are worn at the ankles and they look trendy. Chain bracelets are adorned with jewels and precious stones to give a rich and expensive look. Full bracelets which consist of several smaller bracelets made from silver are popular among young women. Gemstone bracelets which consist of rubies, sapphires, and emeralds are perfect accessories for the evening and special events, like prom nights.

Bracelets Design Price in Pakistan [2023]

Jewel studio brings great fashion sense to the world with its collection of quality, trendy and original wristbands. This brand emerged from Karachi in Pakistan in the early nineties and has been successful in catering to different target audiences across the globe. Their smart jewelry collection includes best quality bracelets made of the finest materials including sterling silver, durable plated, and high-quality leather. Jewel Studio designs its collection of stylish bracelets through an innovative method where the materials are selected depending on the price range. The best quality metals like Sterling Silver and High-Density Leather are used for making bracelets. Various kinds of stones and semi-precious stones like diamonds and other gems are also used to give a unique look to the bracelets. Jewel Studio display their collection online as well, for their online customers. This brand not only designs and makes fashionable but at the same time it also believes in fair dealing and customer satisfaction. In the case of online orders; the customer can send his order through an online form Jewellstudio.pk. Customers can check the condition of the bracelet by physically inspecting the piece before placing an order. Customers can also check the exchange policy and shipping details of Jewel Studio.

Silver Women's Bracelets & Bangles Set Price in Pakistan November 2023

Latest Designs Of Bracelets & Bangles Price in Pakistan 2023 Price Available
Silver bracelet with emerald and zircons white gold plated ₨25,000.00 Yes
Silver bracelet with champion and zircons white gold plated ₨20,500.00 Yes
Silver Diamond Style Bracelet White Gold Plated ₨34,375.00 Yes
Silver Bangle with Real Pearls 24kt Gold plated ₨38,125.00 Yes
Silver Gold Plated Bangle with Chetum and Zircons ₨21,250.00 Yes
Elegance Silver Handmade Bracelet 24kt Gold Plated ₨16,250.00 Yes
Emerald Bangles Pair Gold Plated. (925 Silver jewellery) ₨60,000.00 Yes
Gold Plated Handmade Diamond Bracelet. (925 Silver) ₨15,000.00 Yes
Gold Plated Bracelet with Feroza and Zircons. (925 Silver) ₨19,500.00 Yes
Gold Plated Bracelet Blue Sapphire and Zircons. (925 Silver) ₨18,000.00 Yes